About Nisse

Méritos de Nisse

Hi! Here's a few words about Nisse Borin.


I started making graphics in the early 1990's with the commodore 64, Amiga 500 and finally PC since 1994.


I'm well versed in the entire Adobe Creative Suite and a multitude of other graphics software, including 3DStudio Max, Maya, Corel family, Pro Motion et c.


After a 10-year break, working with children at kindergartens, I've started working with graphics again since 2013.


I'm reliable, friendly and for hire. Mail me!


Nisse Borin


+46(0)76 560 1242


about this site:

This website portfolio contains examples of my designs for different platforms.


I'm 36 years old and based in Stockholm, Sweden.


Printwork - Vector graphics used for printing flyers, ads, postcards, stickers et c.


Web Graphics - Bitmap graphics for websites; banners and ads of different sizes.


Pixel Art - Older 8-bit bitmap graphics I've made with the Amiga and PC ca 1993-2000.